Counter-Strike 2.0 LiMiTeD EdiTioN 2011----v.4.0 NoN Steam sXe-Injected

Counter-Strike 2.0  LiMiTeD EdiTioN 2011----v.4.0 NoN Steam sXe [ON] and Play CS 2.0 New Latest EdiTioN 2011 and etc.

Counter-Strike 2.0  LiMiTeD EdiTioN 2011----v.4.0 NoN Steam

- First release on Feb 14, 2011.
- The game is capable of LAN and Internet.
- Option to Single Player and Multiplayer.
- New Spirts.
- Compatible with sXe Injected.
- No need CD-KEY-a in activating the game.
- Addons Pack No-LaG  installed.
- Fixed bugs in the maps in the game.
- Cracks List Servers.
- Started and Automatic Charging the bots in the New Game (automatic installation).
- Realistically, Hostage.
- New Look and Feel.
- New VGUI.
- Blood / New sprays.
- Substituted folders cstrike, valve.
- The configured settings.
- New models of weapons.
- The list of configured servers.
- The Dedicated Server configured.
- New Addons Command Menu and motd.
- Original Sound of Steam CS 2.0

3 .rar Files Extract Here Counter-Strike 2.0  LiMiTeD EdiTioN 2011 Folder cstrike.exe File open play and Enjoy.


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