CS 1.6 Script-for-awp-fast-switch

This script toggles automatically with awp (scout) on the knife back and forth.
By the way, I noticed that this script does not happen so that no bullets flew out of the weapon, that is not too quickly switch weapons.

alias fast_sniper fs_on
alias + awpshot "+ attack; spec_next"
alias-awpshot "-attack; use weapon_knife; slot1"
alias fs_on "bind mouse1 + awpshot; alias fast_sniper fs_off; echo Fast Sniper ON"
alias fs_off "bind mouse1 + attack; alias fast_sniper fs_on; echo Fast Sniper OFF"

bind "i" "fast_sniper"

bind is to disable and enable the script.
1. Open the folder cstrike which is in the game folder. Find there a file config.cfg and open it with notepad.
2. Copy the Script
3. Paste it all to the end of the file config.cfg


supaH said...

Check this great css bhop script

Kaushal Parikh said...

how does it work plz tell

domantas bujokas said...

kaushal you just copy the code then open your note book paste it then save it name ir awp.cfg then save it to your cstrike folder and play cs then in console type exec awp.cfg

Ashwin Balaram said...

i pasted in cstrike but when i type in console it tells exec awp.cfg coudn't find tell me reason

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