Counter Strike 1.6 All in One Scripts

It includes:
bunnyhop (Hold down your jump key)
fast awp switch ( press RIGHTARROW to disable AWP FAST SWITCH,or press LEFTARROW to enable. )
silent run (Hold down "N")
And some more i dont know 

Just copy this script into a new .cfg file called e.g. allinone.cfg

alias +xawp "+attack;wait"
alias -xawp "-attack;wait;slot3;wait;lastinv"
alias +toggleOn "bind mouse1 +xawp"
alias -toggleOn "echo ON* ON* ON* ON*"
alias +toggleOff "bind mouse1 +attack"
alias -toggleOff "echo OFF* OFF* OFF* OFF*"
bind "rightarrow" "+toggleOff"
bind "leftarrow" "+toggleOn"
alias +plant_c4 "weapon_c4; wait; wait; +attack; +duck; say_team POKRIVAJ ME POSTAVLJAM C4!"
alias -plant_c4 "-attack; -duck; lastinv"
bind "alt" "+plant_c4"
alias +warnhe "warnteam; weapon_hegrenade; wait; wait; +attack" alias -warnhe "-attack"
alias warnteam "say_team BACAM BOMBU,PAZITE!"
bind "f" "+warnhe"
alias +knifekill "+attack; wait; -attack; wait; +attack2"
alias -knifekill "-attack1; wait; -attack2; slot10"
bind "x" "+knifekill"
alias +coloratk "+attack; adjust_crosshair"
alias -coloratk "-attack"
bind "MOUSE1" "+coloratk"alias black "con_color 0+0+0"
alias darkergrey "con_color 51+51+51"
alias darkgrey "con_color 66+66+66"
alias lightergrey "con_color 90+90+90"
alias evenlightergrey "con_color 150+150+150"
alias lightiergrey "con_color 190+190+190"
alias lightestgrey "con_color 220+220+220"
alias white "con_color 255+255+255"
alias red "con_color 255+51+51"
alias darkred "con_color 204+0+0"
alias lightred "con_color 255+0+0"
alias green "con_color 0+204+51"
alias darkgreen "con_color 0+102+0"
alias lightgreen "con_color 0+255+0"
alias blue "con_color 0+102+102"
alias darkblue "con_color 0+0+153"
alias lightblue "con_color 0+0+255"
alias purple "con_color 204+0+153"
alias darkpurple "con_color 204+0+255"
alias lightpurple "con_color 255+0+255"
alias brown "con_color 153+153+102"
alias yellow "con_color 255+255+0"
alias orange "con_color 255+102+51"
alias pink "con_color 255+0+204"
alias darkpink "con_color 204+102+153"
alias color "cl1"
alias cl1 "black; alias color cl2"
alias cl2 "darkergrey; alias color cl3"
alias cl3 "darkgrey; alias color cl4"
alias cl4 "lightergrey; alias color cl5"
alias cl5 "evenlightergrey; alias color cl6"
alias cl6 "lightiergrey; alias color cl7"
alias cl7 "lightestgrey; alias color cl8"
alias cl8 "white;alias color cl9"
alias cl9 "red;alias color cl10"
alias cl10 "darkred;alias color cl11"
alias cl11 "lightred;alias color cl12"
alias cl12 "green;alias color cl13"
alias cl13 "darkgreen;alias color cl14"
alias cl14 "lightgreen;alias color cl15"
alias cl15 "blue;alias color cl16"
alias cl16 "darkblue;alias color cl17"
alias cl17 "lightblue;alias color cl18"
alias cl18 "purple;alias color cl19"
alias cl19 "darkpurple;alias color cl20"
alias cl20 "lightpurple;alias color cl21"
alias cl21 "brown;alias color cl22"
alias cl22 "yellow;alias color cl23"
alias cl23 "orange;alias color cl24"
alias cl24 "pink;alias color cl25"
alias cl25 "darkpink;alias color cl1"
Bind "f5" "color"
developer 0
r_mmx 1
ex_interp 0.01
rate 25000
cl_updaterate 101
cl_cmdrate 101
max_smokepuffs 0
max_shells 0
alias is_reloading "weapon_knife; wait; wait; lastinv"
alias +reload_fake "+reload"
alias -reload_fake " -reload; is_reloading"
bind "n" "+reload_fake"
alias +duck_run.fP3 "alias cl_rebuy duck_run.fP3; cl_setrebuy PrimaryAmmo; rebuy; duck_run.fP3"
alias -duck_run.fP3 "alias cl_rebuy; -duck; alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.00"
alias duck_run.fP3 "dr_cycle.fP3; wait; rebuy"
alias dr_cycle.fP3 "dr_loop.fP3.00"
alias dr_loop.fP3.00 "+duck; alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.01"
alias dr_loop.fP3.01 "-duck; alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.02"
alias dr_loop.fP3.02 "+duck; alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.03"
alias dr_loop.fP3.03 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.04"
alias dr_loop.fP3.04 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.05"
alias dr_loop.fP3.05 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.06"
alias dr_loop.fP3.06 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.07"
alias dr_loop.fP3.07 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.08"
alias dr_loop.fP3.08 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.09"
alias dr_loop.fP3.09 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.10"
alias dr_loop.fP3.10 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.11"
alias dr_loop.fP3.11 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.12"
alias dr_loop.fP3.12 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.13"
alias dr_loop.fP3.13 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.14"
alias dr_loop.fP3.14 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.15"
alias dr_loop.fP3.15 "-duck; alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.16"
alias dr_loop.fP3.16 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.17"
alias dr_loop.fP3.17 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.18"
alias dr_loop.fP3.18 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.19"
alias dr_loop.fP3.19 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.20"
alias dr_loop.fP3.20 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.21"
alias dr_loop.fP3.21 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.22"
alias dr_loop.fP3.22 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.23"
alias dr_loop.fP3.23 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.24"
alias dr_loop.fP3.24 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.25"
alias dr_loop.fP3.25 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.26"
alias dr_loop.fP3.26 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.27"
alias dr_loop.fP3.27 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.28"
alias dr_loop.fP3.28 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.29"
alias dr_loop.fP3.29 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.30"
alias dr_loop.fP3.30 "alias dr_cycle.fP3 dr_loop.fP3.00"
bind "n" "+duck_run.fP3"
alias #w "wait"
alias #eq "+duck;#w;-duck"
alias +#eqj "+jump"
alias -#eqj "-jump"
alias +#eqbunnyx "+#eqj;#w;#eq;#w;#eq;#w;+#eqj;#w;#eq;+#eqj"
alias -#eqbunnyx "-#eqj;#w;#eq;#w;-#eqj"
bind mwheelup "+#eqbunnyx"
//alias balarina
bind "k"+balarina"
cl_crosshair_color "0 0 0"
cl_crosshair_translucent "0"
alias "+str" "+attack; cl_crosshair_color 250"
alias "-str" "-attack; cl_crosshair_color 250"
bind "mouse1" "+str"
alias +matrixslow1 "fps_max 0"
alias -matrixslow1 "fps_max 999; -speed;"
bind "e" "+matrixslow1"
alias strafe_toggle_on "bind ctrl +newduck; bind rightarrow +newright; bind leftarrow +newleft; bind end strafe_toggle_off; bind mouse1 +strafeshoot; developer 1; echo Strafe_On; developer 0"
alias strafe_toggle_off "bind ctrl +duck; bind rightarrow +moveright; bind leftarrow +moveleft;bind end strafe_toggle_on; bind mouse1 +coloratk; developer 1; echo Strafe_Off; developer 0"
alias no_strafe "bind mouse1 +attack; Echo Strafe Fire Off; adjust_crosshair"
alias do_strafe "bind mouse1 +strafeshoot; echo Strafe Fire On; adjust_crosshair"
alias +ss_left "+attack; +moveleft; alias +strafeshoot +ss_right; adjust_crosshair"
alias +ss_right "+attack; +moveright; alias +strafeshoot +ss_left; adjust_crosshair"
alias +strafeshoot "+ss_left"
alias -strafeshoot "-attack; -moveleft; -moveright"
alias +newduck "+duck; no_strafe; adjust_crosshair"
alias -newduck "-duck; do_strafe; adjust_crosshair"
alias +newleft "+moveleft; no_strafe; adjust_crosshair"
alias -newleft "-moveleft; do_strafe; adjust_crosshair"
alias +newright "+moveright; no_strafe; adjust_crosshair"
alias -newright "-moveright; do_strafe; adjust_crosshair"
bind "END" "strafe_toggle_on"

After that insert to your autoexec.cfg

exec allinone.cfg


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