CS 1.6 Grenade Spammer Script

I hope you'll like it.


• You have to copy the " code " into your userconfig.cfg [ Steam folder ]

• Press " c " to start the script / to end the script
• Press " z " to toogle between the types of grenades ( HE, Flash, Smoke )
• You have to stand at the spawnpoint, otherwise this script can't "buy" new grenades -> No spam! 
• Remember that you need some money to buy grenades. So without money, no way to spam ! 

Bind c "grenadez"
bind z "gre_changer"

alias grenadez gre_he1
alias gre_changer "gre_changer1"

alias gre_changer1 "alias grenadez gre_flash1;alias gre_changer gre_changer2;say_team Auto Flash Ready"
alias gre_changer2 "alias grenadez gre_smoke1;alias gre_changer gre_changer3;say_team Auto Smoke Ready"
alias gre_changer3 "alias grenadez gre_he1;alias gre_changer gre_changer1;say_team Auto HE Ready"

alias gre_he1 "alias _special @gre_he;alias grenadez gre_he2;@gre_he;say_team Auto HE (ON)"
alias gre_he2 "alias _special;alias grenadez gre_he1;;say_team Auto HE (OFF)"
alias  @gre_he "special;hegren;weapon_hegrenade;+attack;wait; -attack;wait"

alias gre_flash1 "alias _special @gre_flash;alias grenadez gre_flash2;@gre_flash;say_team Auto Flash (ON)"
alias gre_flash2 "alias _special;alias grenadez gre_flash1;say_team Auto Flash (OFF)"
alias @gre_flash "special;flash;weapon_flashbang;+attack;wait;-attack;wait"

alias gre_smoke1 "alias _special @gre_smoke;alias grenadez gre_smoke2;@gre_smoke;say_team Auto Smoke (ON)"
alias gre_smoke2 "alias _special;alias grenadez gre_smoke1;say_team Auto Smoke (OFF)"
alias  @gre_smoke "special;sgren;weapon_smokegrenade;+attack;wait;-attack;wait"


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