CS 1.6 Reduce Chokes, Loss and Get Maximum FPS

Type these in console:

fps_max 101
net_graph 3

cl_updaterate 101
101 is the max you should set it and if you have choke you always lower it untill you get choke. So if you were getting like 20 choke lower the updatrate by typeing cl_updaterate 70. See if you still have choke after about 20 seconds. If you do lower it some more.

cl_cmdrate 50
This setting is supposed to be around your average fps. So if you average around 40-50 put it at 50. If your getting a consant 100 in the server your in put it 101.
FPS Note: If you have your fps set to fps_max 101 and your fps goes down to like 40-50 and keeps moving around drastically set it to fps_max 75. Keep lowing the setting bit by bit untill it reamians pretty constant.

rate 20000
the rate setting is debated alot but if you want max preformance use 20000. many people say 25000 but they do not realize that is a lan setting. Use rate 20000.

Use OpenGl Mode


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