CS 1.6 Simple Scripts

first you need to creat autoexec.cfg file
Open notepad and do save as .. then write autoexec.cfg

in that note pad you can add those script

//Silent Run

Alias "ducker" "+duck;wait;-duck;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;+duck;wait;wait ;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait ;wait;-duck"
Bind "mwheeldown" "ducker"


Bind "l" "+fff"
alias +fff "alias _special @fff;@fff"
alias -fff "alias _special"
alias @fff "special;w3;timerefresh;w3;timerefresh"
alias w3 "wait;wait;wait"

alias w5 "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias w20 "w5;w5;w5;w5"
alias scope "+attack2;wait;-attack2"
alias scope2 "+attack2;w20;-attack2"

alias +2xshot "scope"
alias -2xshot "+attack;wait;-attack;wait;lastinv;lastinv"

bind "mouse3" "+2xshot"

//alias _special ffire

alias fireon "alias _special ffire;ffire;alias afire fireoff"
alias fireoff "alias _special;alias afire fireon"
alias afire "fireon"
alias ffire "impulse 100;wait;special"
alias +fastfire "afire"
alias -fastfire "fireoff"

bind v +fastfire

;alias +F.Bun "alias cl_rebuy F.Bun;F.Bun"
;alias -F.Bun "alias cl_rebuy;alias F.Buh F.r1;-jump"
;alias F.Bun "rebuy;wait;F.Buh"
;alias F.Buh "F.r1"
;alias F.r1 "alias F.Buh F.r2;+jump"
;alias F.r2 "alias F.Buh F.r3"
;alias F.r3 "alias F.Buh F.r1;-jump"
bind space "+F.Bun"

// AutoPistol version 2.1 @ elxDraco.net 

bind "mouse1" "+elx[lF7].AutoPistol" 
bind "q" "-elx[lF7].AutoPistol;lastinv" 

alias "+elx[lF7].AutoPistol" "alias _special elx[lF7].AutoPistol;elx[lF7].AutoPistol" 
alias "-elx[lF7].AutoPistol" "alias _special;-attack;alias elx[lF7].cycle elx[lF7].seq00" 
alias "elx[lF7].AutoPistol" "elx[lF7].cycle;wait;special" 
alias "elx[lF7].cycle" "elx[lF7].seq00" 
alias "elx[lF7].seq00" "alias elx[lF7].cycle elx[lF7].seq01;+attack" 
alias "elx[lF7].seq01" "alias elx[lF7].cycle elx[lF7].seq02" 
alias "elx[lF7].seq02" "alias elx[lF7].cycle elx[lF7].seq03" 
alias "elx[lF7].seq03" "alias elx[lF7].cycle elx[lF7].seq04" 
alias "elx[lF7].seq04" "alias elx[lF7].cycle elx[lF7].seq00;-attack" 

// Toggle 

alias "elx[lF7].AutoPistol=on" "alias +elx[lF7].Attack +elx[lF7].AutoPistol;alias -elx[lF7].Attack -elx[lF7].AutoPistol;alias elx[lF7].AutoPistol=tog elx[lF7].AutoPistol=off" 
alias "elx[lF7].AutoPistol=off" "alias +elx[lF7].Attack +attack;alias -elx[lF7].Attack -attack;alias elx[lF7].AutoPistol=tog elx[lF7].AutoPistol=on" 
alias "elx[lF7].AutoPistol=tog" "elx[lF7].AutoPistol=on" 
alias "+elx[lF7].Attack" "+attack" 
alias "-elx[lF7].Attack" "-attack" 
bind "z" "elx[lF7].AutoPistol=tog" 
bind "mouse1" "+elx[lF7].Attack" 

Me I suggest you to had them all in the autoexec.cfg 

Also open config.cfg located in your cstrike folder and add the line exec autoexec.cfg at the end. 

That it hope it help you.


supaH said...

Check this great cs bhop script

aniruddha said...

wht is after the lagg script and i want to bind v key such that it does left click + rightclick at same time

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